Liberate Your Time: 7 More Smart AI Tools to Automate Work

Tools reviewed include Claude, Textio,, Descript, Duplex and Learn how each tool works and how it can save you hours each week!

10 months ago   •   2 min read

By Carl Ballenger, CISSP
Liberate Your Time: 7 More Smart AI Tools to Automate Work

Discover 7 more of the best AI tools available today for automating repetitive tasks and boosting your productivity. These tools leverage artificial intelligence like natural language processing, machine learning and more to handle mundane work so you can focus on higher priorities. Tools reviewed include Claude, Textio,, Descript, Duplex and Learn how each tool works and how it can save you hours each week!

1. Anthropic AI Claude: An AI assistant created by Anthropic that provides a personable way to get information and complete tasks via voice or chat. Claude has human-like conversations, maintains context from previous discussions and personalizes responses based on what it knows about you. Claude continues to become smarter over time and is free to use.

2. Textio: This AI-powered writing assistant helps you craft job listings, emails, and other content that will resonate best with your target audience. It analyzes millions of data points to optimize your writing.

3. Notion: A collaborative workspace tool powered by AI.  Notion uses machine learning to organize notes, tasks, wikis, and databases in a flexible system. It has a simple, intuitive interface but robust capabilities like version history, permissions, and app integration. The AI assistant within Notion, called Claude, helps automatically format and arrange content and offers suggestions based on how you work. Plans are free to $15/month.

4. Avaamo: This AI platform handles various customer service tasks like answering questions, routing inquiries, and processing refunds or returns. Many major companies are using Avaamo to reduce call volume and accelerate response times.

5. Scale: This data management startup lets companies utilize AI to transform raw data into usable insights. Their platform cleanses, labels, and enriches customer data to build predictive analytics models. Scale's clients include Doordash, Ibotta, and Tryp Technologies.

6. Buldix: This design startup offers an AI graphic designer that can create custom images, edit photos, and design social media graphics or marketing collateral based on natural language descriptions. Simply describe what you need and Buldix will provide options tailored to your desired style and branding.

7. Chatbase: A chatbot and conversational AI platform for creating intelligent bots. Chatbase leverages machine learning and natural language processing to build bots that can understand complex queries, respond appropriately, and complete tasks via chat interfaces. The easy to use dashboard allows you to design bots for customer service, ecommerce, lead generation and more without coding experience. Pricing starts at $30/month.

7 More AI Tools Summary:

Between managing emails, attending meetings, running projects and more, the modern knowledge worker has little time left in the day for creative thinking or strategic work. With new AI tools launching almost daily, there are now opportunities to automate and optimize all types of routine tasks.  The tools reviewed in this post are designed specifically to free up your time from mundane work so you can reclaim hours each week to focus on what really matters. By putting some of these AI assistants, bots and platforms to work for you, you'll gain back time and mental bandwidth. Your productivity and job satisfaction are sure to get a boost. While AI will never fully replace human knowledge, skills and judgment, it can take over repetitive and tedious tasks we're often overqualified for.

Start implementing a few of these tools and get ready to do your best work. Your future self will thank you for the time you've given back.

      The future is automated - are you ready?

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